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We at Burgasvet-90-Tanev EOOD, with over 30 years of experience, are one of the founders of the “landscaping and floriculture” branch in Bulgaria.

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We have qualified specialists in the field of production of ornamental vegetation and implementation of landscape projects.

Design, implementation and maintenance

The company has qualified landscape architects preparing practical and functional solutions with the desired elements of the client: lawns, hedges, water effects, architectural elements, rock corners and more. The aim is to satisfy the requirements, ideas, desires and needs of the investor in the creation of ecological, interior, landscape and park development projects.
Before starting the design we hold working meetings with the client. In this way we jointly form the concept of the green area. We comply with his views and requirements for the aesthetics and functionality of the entire architectural ensemble.
We recommend that design developments meet modern trends and provide accurate technical solutions. They must comply with the purpose of the site, with the vertical planning, with the landscaping, with the choice of a suitable plant assortment suitable for the natural conditions of the terrain and the local climatic conditions.
The project is successful for the client when there are selected elements united around a style concept, bringing the feeling of beauty, harmony and balance. Therefore, we always comply with its requirements for the design of the designed areas. We strive for landscape architecture to be an art that gives a harmonious balance between all the elements of the project. The leading idea is for our proposals to be distinguished by their aesthetic solutions, recreational functions and ecological elements.


Maintenance is a favorite service of our customers who want to preserve the colorful aesthetic appearance of their green sites. This is the way for our specialists to commit to the quality development of green areas. This guarantees professional conditions for the cultivation of the embedded ornamental vegetation, both in open areas and in offices, hotels, etc. institutions.
During the year, the necessary care for green areas and vegetation are different, and for this we have a "seasonal plan" with the necessary activities for their maintenance.
Our specialists will advise you on all stages of the project implementation process and its subsequent maintenance. They will answer questions related to the vegetation purchased or rented.


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