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Retail network

The developed commercial network consists of 3 flower shops. Our customers can find there a wide variety of leaf - ornamental plants and seedlings, cut flower and accessories at competitive prices.

Our arrangers have a proven aesthetic sense and professional skills.

Their compositions are distinguished by unique colors and shapes, creating a beautiful atmosphere and color mood for our customers. Qualified shop assistants strive to provide professional information for the purchased plants.

Part of the offered flowers and seedlings are our own production and we guarantee their quality. We offer individual solutions for your special events - wedding, christening, birthday, etc.

In our stores we have a wide range of:

Cutflower; Packaging materials and accessories; Potted flowers; Dried flowers and bouquets; Arrangements and decorations of fresh flowers for weddings, christenings, cocktails and party halls; Souvenirs - crystal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood, icons, decorative weapons etc.; Wreaths; Soils and preparations; Flowerpots and pots;