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We focused our efforts on continuously improving the quality of our vegetation. We invest in new ornamental nurseries, specialized equipment, scientific developments that allow us to produce products that are sustainable over time. We emphasize that it is adapted to the weather conditions of our country and those of the Balkan Peninsula. This is an advantage due to whichit endures: extreme climate changes, frost and heat, urban pollution, moisture, lye, UV rays, etc. Company Bourgastsvet-90-Tanev Ltd. specializes in the production of:

More than 100 coniferous trees and shrubs;
More than 300 deciduous trees and shrubs;
Flowering shrubs;
Swooped  and non-swooped blossom seedlings material;
Over 300 species of alpine, perennial and riparian vegetation;
Growing palm trees and aclimatization of exotic plant species;
Manufacturing of architectural elements such as: wooden bridges, fences, benches, pergolas, arbours, dustbins etc; Manufacturing and installation of children's equipment - slides, swings, jungle gyms, etc..;

We have our own carpentry workshop for making architectural elements which allows us to offer specific details needed for a particular client’s project. The company has a mechanical workshop for manufacturing metal elements and children's facilities in compliance with the criteria of the Bulgarian State Satndard and the EU. We have a team equipped with the necessary equipment and materials for assembling and disassembling.

Our production is certified under ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015





The company has qualified landscape architects preparing practical and functional solutions using the desired by the client's elements: lawns, hedges, water effects, architectural elements, rock recesses, etc. The purpose is to satisfy at maximum the requirements, ideas, desires and needs of the investor in creating environmental, interior, landscape and parkdevelopment projects. Before we start with the design prosess we conduct as many meetings as needed with the client. Thus forming jointly the concept for green areas. We comply with his views and requirements for aesthetics and functionality of the whole architectural ensemble. We recommend that the project development should meet the modern trends and provide accurate technical solutions. They must comply with the intended use of the site, the vertical planning, urbanization, the selection of suitable plant variety suited to the natural terrain and local climatе conditions. The project is successful for the client, when there are selected elements unified around a stylistic concept, bringing a sense of beauty, harmony and balance. Therefore we always comply with his requirements for the design of the projected areas. We aim the landscape architecture to be an art, offering a harmonious balance between all elements of the project. The leading idea is our proposals to be distinguished by their aesthetic decisions, recreational features and environmental elements.



Our organization has specialists, equipment and a great diversity of vegetation throughout the year. We have the required capacity that allows us to implement projects in all fields of green building.

The company has proven professional experience in:

The construction of parking spaces; Creating yards, winter and roof gardens; Building rockeries and rock gardens; Construction of ornamental lakes and fountains; Planting the spaces between apartment buildings; Creating an environmental protection areas; Street afforestation; Implementation of architectural elements; Assembly and disassembly ofchildren’s playgrounds and facilities; Interior arrangement of offices, hotels, private homes; Rental of palms, large-size flowers etc. exotic vegetation; Delivery of vegetation, manure, compost, etc. garden materials; Installation of irrigation systems, garden lighting, etc.; Low-rise construction - various surfaces and decorative construction solutions; At the start of the project we always take into consideration the qualitative and quantitative indicators in the bill of quantities.

Before proceeding to its implementation we discuss with the investor the tracing and planting design. We consider the dendrology project, dendrology lists and details of architectural park elements and facilities. We jointly determine the stages and time required for the project implementation. When necessary changes and corrections needed we try not to affect the terms and aesthetics of the project. Our organization has qualified specialists constructed many children's facilities over the years. The required technological plans comply with all safety regulations specific to the particular type. They meet the criteria of the Bulgarian State Standard and the EU. In our project implementation we aim to give a new meaning to the environment in terms of landscape and functionality.

More than 20 years every day we are striving through creativity to create aesthetic and environmental sites. They successfully entered in green systems, which are an important part of the relationship man-society-environment. Our production is certified under ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2015


Maintenance and consultations

The maintenance is a preferred service by our clients who want to preserve the colorful and aesthetic appearance of their green areas. This is how our professionals engaged in the qualitatively development of green areas. That guarantees professional conditions for the cultivation of the ornamental plants in open areas as well as in offices, hotels and other institutions.

During the year the necessary care for the green areas and vegetation is different  therefore we have “seasonal plan” with the necessary maintenance activities. Our specialists will consult you on all stages in the process of project implementation and subsequent maintenance. They will answer all the questions associated with the purchased or leased plants.


Retail network

The developed commercial network consists of 3 flower shops. Our customers can find there a wide variety of leaf - ornamental plants and seedlings, cut flower and accessories at competitive prices.

Our arrangers have a proven aesthetic sense and professional skills.

Their compositions are distinguished by unique colors and shapes, creating a beautiful atmosphere and color mood for our customers. Qualified shop assistants strive to provide professional information for the purchased plants.

Part of the offered flowers and seedlings are our own production and we guarantee their quality. We offer individual solutions for your special events - wedding, christening, birthday, etc.

In our stores we have a wide range of:

Cutflower; Packaging materials and accessories; Potted flowers; Dried flowers and bouquets; Arrangements and decorations of fresh flowers for weddings, christenings, cocktails and party halls; Souvenirs - crystal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood, icons, decorative weapons etc.; Wreaths; Soils and preparations; Flowerpots and pots;








We have over 15 years of experience in the cultivation, storage, conditioning and development of exotic plants in our country. We have selected species united in 3 temperature groups, where their lowest limit is 5 ° C. In the moderate latitudes of the Balkan Peninsula this type of vegetation is mainly grown outside in the summer and in winter in suitable premises. The conditions in our country are not favourable to outdoor palm plants. There is an exception of few single species that have adapted, but generally that is not their natural habitat. Our specialists will advise you if you use the rental service or buy exotic vegetation. They will answer the questions related to: what kind of vegetation is appropriate to choose, what conditions are needed, types of pest enemies, seasonal care - watering, fertilizing, propagation, forming the crown etc.


Often to acquire greater effect palms are exposed to low temperatures and the result is a perished plant and a negative financial result for the client. Improper care and lack of competent knowledge forced us to offer the service: palms and exotic vegetation rental. During the summer season /from the end of May to early October / clients look for our plants as they create an atmosphere distinguished by its color and aesthetics. We offer the most extensive and diverse species composition in Bulgaria. Upon their rental our customers receive a high quality product. Our palms are distinguished by "healthy" appearance manifested in: well-developed erect stem, unbranched, often thickened for stability at the base and ending with a crown of impressive and beautifulleaves. This is because during the winter season they were cared for. At home for large sized plants that is anengagement. Аll-year round we are taking care of the status of: the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and crowns of palm trees. Important factors are: temperature, light and humidity. In different vegetation seasons there is a complex care including: watering, transplanting, preparation of suitable soil mixes, nutrition etc.


A great number of the palm trees suitable for growing all year round at home are our own production. They are proven species adapted to the weather conditions in our country and are suitable for indoor plants. In the summer they feel comfortable in outdoor spaces with direct sunlight.