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Different projects and sites

The company has considerable experience in implementing over 300 sites and projects in the region and an excellent reputation among its customers.

"Парадайз вю"-местността Боджака с площ на обекта 2 дек.

"Paradise view" - Bodjaka area with site area of 2 dec. Investor: "Green Life Kavatsi" - Ltd. Volume-spatial construction of a recreational complex with evergreen trees and shrubs and deciduous trees and flowering shrubs, consistent as a species composition with the proximity of the site to the sea;

"Приморски парк"-гр.Бургас-от хотел "Парк" до хотел "Приморец" с обща площ 533 дек.

"Primorski Park" -Burgas-from hotel "Park" to hotel "Primorets" with a total area of ​​533 dec. Investor: Municipality of Burgas. Year-round maintenance of the park including: -alley network, playgrounds and facilities, park architectural elements and green spaces - lawns, flower figures, shrubs and trees.

Бургаски свободен университет-гр.Бургас

Burgas Free University-Burgas Investor: Burgas Free University. Volumetric spatial construction through hedges, tree-shrub groups, flower figures, pots and maintenance - pruning, watering, mowing, and cleaning of public space in front of the university building with an area of ​​1,50 dec;

Вилно селище "Лилиите"-местността Аркутино,землище гр.Созопол с площ 12,90 дек.

Holiday village "Lilies" - Arkutino area, land of Sozopol with an area of ​​12.90 dec. Investor: Georgi Stoev. Design and construction of areas for relax through evergreen and deciduous vegetation places for rest and sunbathing; Year-round maintenance including cleaning, weeding, mowing, hedge trimming and flowering"...

Ресторант "Джани"-к.к. "Слънчев бряг"-запад

Restaurant "Gianni" – west side of k.k. "Sunny Beach" -Investor: Company "Reni 2002" with an area of ​​100 sq.m. Volumetric-spatial construction through blocks with vegetation of a public space for recreation;

Ул."Цар Симеон"-гр.Бургас с дължина 1,4 км.

Tsar Simeon Street - Burgas with a length of 1.4 km. Investor: Municipality of Burgas. Reconstruction of the street including design and planting of trees and shrubs, consistent with their location - increased traffic, parking spaces and newly built residential buildings;